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Hangzhou International Lighting Fair 2016

Datetime: 2016-08-23 17:15:46    Hits: 671
Time: November 4-6,2016
Venue: Hangzhou White Horse Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center
Host unit: home network of mechanical and electrical
URL: http://www.hangzhoulighting.com/
Co organizer: Hangzhou Qianjiang New Culture Media Co. Ltd.
Zhejiang Guan Sheng Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Lighting Electrical Association
Zhejiang Solid State Light Industry Association
Hangzhou LED Industry Association
Special support: China News Agency
2016 exhibition date schedule
Exhibition price
Forum proceedings propaganda
Proceedings of the exhibition, the disc will be in the exhibition site and after the show to all exhibitors and professional audience distributed free of charge, is directly facing the efficient way of the advertising of potential customers.
Audience from industry:
Related industry:
Architects, designers, planning personnel / Engineer, real estate developers, building / property management agencies, building contractors / decoration decoration company, power electric company, the advertising industry, landscape engineering, associations, institutions and
Trade related:
Importers, exporters, wholesalers / distributors, retailers, manufacturers, agents, chain stores, department stores, buying office, online retailers, end-user (such as hotels, venues, sports stadiums, shopping malls, banks, railway stations, restaurants and other)
Government sector:
Construction / planning / Science / technology / trade / municipal / development and reform department, purchasing department
Product range:
The outdoor lighting: Plaza lighting, public lighting, commercial lighting, professional lighting, decorative lighting, flood lighting in buildings,
Gymnasium lighting, landscape lighting, fence lamp, wall washing lamp, optical fiber lamp, damp proof lamp, explosion-proof lamp, etc.;
] lamps and lighting: road lighting, garden and landscape lamp, solar energy lamp, indoor decorative lamp, flashlight, building
Lamps and lanterns, industrial and mining lamps, cast light lamps, non - pole lamps, embedded lamps, marine lamps, special lamps, underwater lamps, emergency lamps;
The city landscape lighting, lighting engineering, lighting technology and equipment, intelligent control and distribution system, exterior laser technology products etc.;
LED lighting: LED (indoor / outdoor lighting lamp, bulb lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp lines etc.), high power LED
Lighting, LED display, monochrome, dual color display module, module, traffic lights, drive and control system etc.;
] LED manufacturing equipment and testing equipment: dispensing machine, filling sealing machine, SMT machine, solid crystal machine, reflux welding, soldering, winding machine line,
Separation / machines, spectrum detection instrument, laser equipment, moisture-proof cabinet, purification equipment and other automated production equipment;
LED package: Epitaxy and chip packaging technology, packaging, glue, diodes, SMD LED, high power LED, digital
Tube, dot matrix module, organic silicon, aluminum substrate, support, IC, capacitance resistance, LED/OLED other applications and technologies, etc.;
The energy-saving lamp series products: T10L, T5/T8/, high-power searchlight lamp, halogen lamp, spiral energy saving lamps;
] electric light source products: ordinary lighting lamp bulb, halogen tungsten lamp, energy-saving lighting, fluorescent lamp, lamp, all kinds of radiation source;
The professional lighting and equipment: neon lights, stage, film and television lighting, dimming control equipment and various types of light control device;
] lighting electrical appliance components, spare parts, electronic components, capacitor and a wiring terminal, power LED, optical lens, a radiator
Trigger, controller, electronic ballast, insulation material, lamp shell, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp holder arm etc.;
The special lighting electrical products: electronic fluorescent powder, powder material.
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