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Hongkong International Autumn Lighting Fair October 2016

Datetime: 2016-08-23 17:18:19    Hits: 1172
Exhibition date: October 2016 27 to 30 days (Tuesday to five years): the seventeenth session of the Expo venue: Hongkong Wan Chai road Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Harbour Road entrance) organized by the Hongkong Trade Development Council agency: Shenzhen forwardvideo Co. Ltd. the main categories of exhibits: advertising lighting commercial lighting Home Furnishing lighting LED environmental protection and lighting accessories and parts of outdoor lighting intelligent lighting and detection scheme and verification of trade in services and publications of the Hongkong Trade Development Council Hongkong International Lighting Fair 2015 statistics: 72510627 176726325 of the total number of overseas buyers local exhibitors from 249236952 countries and regions from 135 countries and regions more than 37 * data includes all categories of exhibitors and Germany exhibition Statistics Association of voluntary audit audit data: 2430 exhibitors (Hongkong : 687; outside Hong Kong: 1743) Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair 2015 from 37 countries and regions of 2430 firm exhibitors, an increase of the number of 3% to attract 36952 from 135 countries and regions industry buyers admission lights meta Gallery gathered from 28 countries and regions more than 470 international brand led and environment-friendly lighting area is will be the largest product exhibition, a total of more than 800 exhibitors" my favorite lighting products "show innovative lighting products HKTDC hosted the 15th Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair in October 2015 27 to 30 false Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center held. Results the panache. Autumn exhibition lighting, is the world"s second largest lighting exhibition, the scale in 2015 to further expand, exhibition area of 70187 square meters, a record, and continued to create endless opportunities for buyers and exhibitors. In 2015, a total of 2430 exhibitors from 37 countries and regions, the number of more than the previous year"s record, an increase of 3%, more from Lithuania, Mexico and Portugal for the first time exhibitors. Much of the popular welcome to the buyer of the lamp, the trap from 28 countries and regions, more than 470 brands of lighting series. Well-known brands include Cree (Cree), Megaman (Megaman), Neo neon Neo-Neon, music (Panasonic), Philips (Philips) and Austrian bright (Optiled) and so on. This year, the number of buyers to visit 36952, they were from 135 countries and regions, which are 71.2% for overseas buyers, 28.8% for local buyers. The ten major buyers are China, Taiwan, the United States, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Russia, India and Italy. LED and environmental lighting area is the audience"s largest exhibition, a total of more than 800 exhibitors. In addition, advertising lighting, intelligent lighting and lighting solutions and batteries, ballast and drive partition is also very popular, so that buyers can be more convenient search products and suppliers. Other themed areas include commercial lighting, home lighting, outdoor lighting, intellectual property business areas, testing and certification services, trade services and publications, etc.. In addition to the rich categories of exhibits, the exhibition also held a number of related activities. The Hongkong Trade Fair held once again my favorite lighting products, and received innovative works from different countries and regions. Buyers from CIC elected "building or commercial lighting" and "indoor decoration lighting" and "outdoor lighting" in three groups of heartwater lamps and lanterns, winning entries in during the exhibition in the lobby of the exhibition hall 1A exhibited. During the exhibition conference arranged seminars and exchanges reception and allow the industry to broaden the dealer network, and exchange of the latest market information; the general assembly also invited experts in the seminar to share a number of different issues of, including the prospect international lighting market "," green lighting design declaration "," lighting that are linked to the world "," LED lighting products of the latest standards and requirements, the East China LED market "issue. In addition, the general assembly also held two buyers forum and invited speakers and buyers to share emerging markets and mature market trends and business opportunities. Looking to the future, the autumn lighting exhibition in Hongkong International Exhibition of the exhibition will be held in the spring of April 2016 6 to 9, held in; the next fall lighting exhibition also set in October 2016 27 to 30 days. Adhering to the 2015 happy results, believe that the spring and autumn lighting exhibition will be able to create more business opportunities for exhibitors and buyers around the world in 2016. 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