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Road lighting in the future is bound to be intelligent development

Datetime: 2016-08-20 11:16:26    Hits: 312

Road lights intelligent future will be how? This is every street lamp manufacturers have to think about the problem, with the continuous development of road lighting, road lights on the market gradually rise, the so-called demand is growing faster. So the road lamp industry"s production technology is also constantly progress, and now what are the emphasis on intelligence, so I believe that the future road lights will also be intelligent.

Experts pointed out that the intelligent road lamp will be the trend of future development, taking an overview of China"s economic development situation, street lamps will replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps is an indisputable fact, outlook lighting in the future development, road lamp intelligent demands and opportunities has been gradually forming. As long as it gives full play to the advantages of intelligent street lamp energy saving, humanization of dimmer, and maintain a good energy saving effect, the intelligent street lamp will be in that way Piaohong lighting enterprise and market of lamps and lanterns.

The advantage of the road lamp is very obvious, not only the illumination brightness is high, and the light is even, it is suitable for office, commercial, business and so on. And street lamp design, energy saving and environmental protection. Specific point of view, compared with the radical lighting, intelligent street lamp light spot even dark area, light soft, no glare, as the preferred lighting area of large area. Experts predict that the lighting lamp type began to counterattack from 2012, and reached its peak in 2020.

Road lights in the future development of the direction of low carbon energy saving. In the government"s proposed new harmonious society, structure of energy saving and environmental protection, road lamp using electricity charges, fees installation of financial and material resources have been seriously does not conform to the today"s low carbon life, so change the road lamp is imminent.

There is now a new type of road lamp scenery complementary road lamp, this lamp is manufacturers of the original road lamp replacement, it will street lamp power source by the traditional electric power, wind power, solar energy integration up and abandoned bring high energy consumption burden of power, wind power and solar energy combined, so that both the street lamp solar and wind power output.

And compared to the solar energy and traditional street lights, road lights complementary road lamp system has the advantages of wind and solar energy products. No wind can through the solar cell components to power generation and storage battery; there is wind, no light can by wind turbines to generate electricity, stored in a storage battery. The scenery complementary road lamp are available, they can also generate electricity.

In the face of the new society, we have to change the traditional way of the light industry, and actively explore the path of the previous no discovery. As the road lamp manufacturers to actively develop their own production technology, to find the way to meet their own development, so as to better serve the consumer.